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Beauty Of Joseon Revive Eye Serum: Ginseng + Retinal 30ml(PREORDER)

Beauty Of Joseon Revive Eye Serum: Ginseng + Retinal 30ml(PREORDER)

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Embrace the regal essence of Korean heritage with the Beauty Of Joseon Revive Eye Serum, a potent blend of Ginseng and Retinal tailored for the delicate eye area. This 30ml elixir is designed to combat the signs of aging by revitalizing the skin, reducing wrinkles, and enhancing skin elasticity.

Its unique formulation combines the traditional medicinal benefits of Ginseng with the modern anti-aging prowess of Retinal, offering a dual-action approach to eye care.



  • Ginseng Root Extract: Enriched with 10% Ginseng root extract, known for its anti-aging properties and ability to improve blood circulation, resulting in brighter and more energized skin around the eyes.
  • Retinal Liposome: Contains 2% Retinal, a powerful derivative of Vitamin A, which promotes collagen production, speeds up cell turnover, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without irritation.
  • Hydration & Elasticity: The serum deeply moisturizes the sensitive eye area, improving elasticity and smoothing out skin texture for a youthful glow.
  • Fast Absorbing: A lightweight, non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving no sticky residue, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Natural Ingredients: Free from harmful chemicals, this serum harnesses the power of natural ingredients, ensuring safe and gentle care for your skin.


Why You Should Buy:

The Beauty Of Joseon Revive Eye Serum is more than just an eye treatment; it's a testament to the enduring wisdom of traditional Korean skincare practices, combined with cutting-edge science. Whether you're battling dark circles, puffiness, or the first signs of aging, this serum offers a comprehensive solution.

Its nourishing blend not only addresses current concerns but also provides preventive care, keeping the delicate skin around your eyes looking vibrant and resilient.


How to Use:

Gently apply a small amount around the eye area after cleansing and toning. Tap lightly with your fingertip until fully absorbed. Use daily, in the morning and evening, for best results.

Dive into the legacy of Korean beauty with the Beauty Of Joseon Revive Eye Serum. Experience the magic of Ginseng and Retinal as they revive and rejuvenate your eyes, unveiling a brighter, more youthful appearance that defies time.

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